You asked: Who was Sachin the tsunami?

Who was Sachin Class 8?

of centuries (100+…) He is the greatest cricketer ever born in the world. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian international cricketer and a former captain of the Indian national team. He was also regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

Who was Meghna?

Answer: Meghna was a 13-years old girl who swept away along with her parents and 77 other people. She spent two days floating in the sea, holding on to a wooden door 11 times. She saw relief helicopter overhead,.

Which member of the Smith family Recognised it was a tsunami?

Question. Tilly smith saved many lives when the tsunami struck —- in Thailand.

Where did the Smith family actually belong to?

On Christmas eve 1922, five businessmen walked into a Sydney orphanage carrying armfuls of toys and sweets. They walked out inspired by a single goal: to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Australia. When asked who the children could thank, one of the men, preferring to remain anonymous, said “Smith”.

Who was Sachin’s Favourite player?

Ans- Sachin played cricket with his colony friends when he was young. 2. Name his favourite players. Ans- His favourite players were Sunil Gavaskar and the West Indian legend Viv Richards.

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Who were Sachin’s Favourite players 9th standard?

Who were Sachin’s favourite players? Answer: Sachin’s favourite players were Sunil Gavaskar and West Indian legend Viv Richards.

Who was Connie Macpherson?

Connie is the wife of Jim Macpherson. She is a hundred and one years old. She stays in an old-age home.

What was Raja Ram Mohan Roy fascinated by?

He became interested in Christianity and learned Hebrew and Greek in order to read the Old (see Hebrew Bible) and New Testaments. In 1820 he published the ethical teachings of Christ, excerpted from the four Gospels, under the title Precepts of Jesus, the Guide to Peace and Happiness.

Who was that smiled?

Answer: It was Hans Wolf that smiled.

What comforted Bepin Babu after dinner?

Answer: comfort. Bepin Babu slammed the receiver down and gripped his head with his hands. He felt his head swimming. A chill seemed to spread over his body.

What did Almas father?

Almas was a student of ——-. Question 24: What did Almas father had? Answer:- (i) Petrol pump.

How did Tilly Smith know that something was wrong?

Tilly Smith sensed that something was wrong. Her mind kept going back to a geography lesson she had taken in England. She remembered that she had learnt this in class in a video of a tsunami that had hit the Hawaii; an Island in 1946. She knew that tsunami can be caused by earthquakes, volcanoes and landslide.