Your question: Is tornado damage considered wind damage?

Is a tornado considered wind damage?

Tornadoes typically cause damage through winds and hail, though water damage can occur as well. Damage to your home from wind and hail is usually covered under your homeowners insurance as an insurance peril. … If you live in “tornado alley,” you may need additional coverage for damage due to high winds.

What qualifies as wind damage?

Damaging winds are classified as those exceeding 50-60 mph. … Wind speeds can reach up to 100 mph and can produce a damage path extending for hundreds of miles.

What happens if you lose your house to a tornado?

In many cases, the damage is extensive enough to render the home uninhabitable for a period of time, but repairs can make it possible for you and your family to eventually move back in. Some common types of tornado damage include: Damage to roofs and siding. Broken windows and gutters.

Does homeowners insurance cover straight line winds?

Damages from straight-line windstorms are typically covered under most insurance policies; however sometimes policyholders have to fight their insurance companies for the coverage to which they are due. The Voss Law Firm can help you fight for your fair recovery or appeal a denied insurance claim.

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What can 65 mph winds do?

Tropical Storm winds 39 to 50 mph gusts to 65 mph: Minor damage will occur to many mobile homes. A few homes may receive mostly minor damage to roof shingles and siding. * Unsecured lightweight items may become projectiles, causing additional damage.

How do you prove storm damage to roof?

Here are a few signs that your roof may have storm damage:

  1. Wind Damage. Missing shingles are the first sign of storm damage. …
  2. Hail Damage. Hail storms can bruise shingles by causing an indent on the shingle itself. …
  3. Falling Debris. Major storms can cause trees and other natural debris to fall on your roof.

How much does it cost to repair tornado damage?

The average costs for home repairs after a storm run between $3,000 and $7,000, with most homeowners paying $5,200 for repairs to their roof shingles and minor siding replacement.

Storm Damage Recovery Cost by Type of Damage.

Type of Storm Damage Average Repair Costs
Tornado $4,600 – $17,000

How expensive is tornado insurance?

Average Cost of Tornado Insurance

Nationwide, the average cost of home insurance is about $1,100. Homes in areas more commonly affected by tornadoes already pay a premium based on the increased risk from windstorms and may pay more than average.

Does State Farm homeowners insurance cover tornado damage?

Is tornado damage covered by insurance? Tornado damage is generally covered under homeowners and renters insurance policies. Contact your insurance agent or company to start your claims process.